CWP Process

Al's Army Navy offers concealed weapons classes in all three of our store locations in Orlando, Sanford and Altamonte Springs, Florida.
Each class begins at 10 am.

Anyone in the State of Florida can own a gun (after passing a background check). But, you need a concealed weapons permit to carry it with you. The concealed weapons permit also covers knives, stun guns and mace/pepper spray. The Florida Concealed Weapons Permit is honored in 34 other states, and eliminates the 3-business day waiting period when buying a handgun. 

The Concealed Weapons Permit course is approximately three hours long and our professional instructor will provide all the information you need to know about the concealed weapons laws in Florida. Plus, we will help you navigate through the State of Florida permit process, helping you receive your permit in weeks instead of months.

The cost is just $75 for the course and you can sign up in-store or online!